Mortgage Renewal Advice!

ALWAYS explore all your options prior to mortgage renewal.

What is most important?

When it comes to your mortgage renewal do not just believe that your current lender is offering you the most competitive rates. Many people want to keep it simple. Just get that off the list of things to do as quickly as possible. Rushing into your mortgage renewal could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Let us to do the research that saves you money.

Homeowners should always check with a mortgage broker in Red Deer to find out what the current most competitive rates are prior to mortgage renewal. Our clients are amazed at the difference between the offer from their current and what we are able to offer them. It may take you a small amount of time and effort to find this out. As far as we are concerned it is time well spent to make sure you keep as much money in your pocket as possible. We care about our clients and take pride that we always offer our clients the lowest available to them.

Why use a mortgage broker to renew your mortgage?
We caution our clients to be aware about rates that sound “too good to be true” . Some rates come attached to mortgage renewal products with special restrictive conditions. You want to be very well informed of the type of product you are taking prior to signing the agreement to renew your mortgage! We will help you find the right product AND a great rate.

To leave your current lender you will need to qualify with the new lender. We will request some documentation as well but we try to keep it as painless as possible. Some fees apply to switch but the good news is that in majority of the cases the new lender covers them! In that regard it only costs some of your time. When you save money it will be worth it!

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